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Extra-Curricular Activities

Students from grade KG to VIII can participate any one extra-curricular activities, which provided by the school. An extracurricular is any activity you participate in outside of class. It can be associated with your school, such as a sports team or club, or completely separate. They also include any jobs or internships you have had, as well as volunteer work you have performed. Extra curriculars cover a wide range of activities and interests, from painting to science to helping the homeless and more.

At HRPS, we believe in working with students to create future global citizens who are not only well educated, but also well-rounded. To help reach that goal, we divide all of our campuses into four houses. Students are placed into a house, and inter and intra-
school competitions, allow them to compete against other houses in academics, performing arts, fine arts, literature, and sports. These school and house activities help students showcase their learning while also developing a sense of teamwork and pride in individual accomplishments.Those activities, often sports-based, that take place
outside of the classroom, helping students develop their personalities and physical aptitude, which is a crucial part of our values.

Our students are illuminated with activities like





Classical Dance


Cultural Events

Celebration at HRPS

Club Activities


Eco club or green club is a voluntary group of students. It helps them to learn about environment and have friendship with nature.According to Katrina Mazer, “Time spent amomgest trees is never wanted time.” Our school eco club inaugurated by Dr.K.Panner Selvam,Young Scientist, Professor & Head (R&D), Paavai Engineering College, Namakkal.


Guidance refers to an advice or a relevant piece of information provided by a teacher as a mentor it helps to resolve the problem or overcome any difficulty in school, at home & in society. We keep the record of all students’ behavior as confidential. Wherever students need guidance, the mentor guides them. Counseling refers to a professional advice given by a counselor to an individual to help him in overcoming from personal or psychological problems.


Health is a condition (mental and physical) in which the Individual is functionally well adjusted internally with respect to body parts and externally with his environment. 
In a broader perspective, Physical Education and health education are mutually interdependent.


This idea behind Heritage club is to nourish the young mind to be aware of environmental issues and proud of the richness of the natural and cultural heritage.

The social club enriches the students to be part of the growing community and its design the program to involve students in various activities towards social responsibility.

Every student who becomes a member of this club is motivated to learn more about their local heritage and cultural values.


The Language club enables to develop the excessive knowledge in linguistic skills. It enhances the student’s communication skill and the creative ability and strengthens the student’s writing ability and helps in learning more vocabulary.

This club develops the multifaceted process involving Dictation, Comprehension fluency and focuses on the strategies of reading skills, visualizing questioning, summarizing, clarifying and inferring.


In our school, we strictly follow the POCSO Act, 2012.The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012 was enacted to provide a robust legal framework for the protection of children from offences of sexual assault, sexual harassment and pornography, while safeguarding the interest of the child at every stage of the judicial process.

Sports & Games

“Be strong when you are weak, Be brave when you are scared, And humble when you are victorious”

Sports and athletics have been an integral part of HRPS for years and its immemorial. The following are some of the sports achievements by our students during the academic year 2019-2020.


Saral Hindi Exam

SARAL HINDI EXAM Was conducted in our school, 31 Students participated in level-1 & 32 students participated in level-2 and secured 100% Result. Congratulations.


SOF is an Educational Organization popularizing academic competition and assisting development of competitive spirit among our school children.

Our students are participating the following Olympiads:

WIZ National Spell Bee

It engages our students in a different competition route – testing their knowledge of spelling, thereby engaging them in the English Language practice to excel in academics and all-round development in their growing years.

Students from classes 1 to 12 are segregated into six groups depending on the classes they study, to compete in their respective groups. The preparatory booklets “WORD BANK” aregiven to students and our English language teachers guide our students. The words are graded according to their age & class.

AryabhattaGaint Challenge

Mathematics is the queen of all sciences to make our champs to excel in it, CBSE board have conducted “AryabhattaGaint challenge” as level I & II on 19 th Nov 2019 & 29 th Nov 2019.In that 75 students of our school participated egerly in level.I among them 3 students were selected to level II by our CBSE board.

List of competitions:

Main motto of the competition: